Brecon Estate Winery

The Brecon Estate Winery was completed during my time working at Aidlin Darling Design, working under principals Pete Larson and David Darling. This project is a renovation of an existing winery located in Paso Robles, CA. The client wanted to continue to use their existing space, but update the look of the exterior and tasting room. As a designer working directly under the principals, I created a design which imparted a modern aesthetic with a nod to the more rustic-industrial side of wine making. The extensive remodel of the tasting room triggered a need to gut and upgrade the kitchen to bring it up to commercial standards - I coordinated the research, design and code review of this commercial kitchen space. After the renovation, our client felt that the aesthetic of his space now finally matched the high quality of his wines. This project received a merit award from AIA SF in 2016 All photos credit Adam Rouse Photography.

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